Covid-19 Updates

Determination Regarding Conducting Meetings by Telephone or Other Electronic Means

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Wabasha County community transmission increases to “Substantial”

Find community transmission levels by county: CDC COVID Tracker 

As of the period ending Aug. 3, Wabasha County is experiencing substantial transmission. Follow the Wabasha County Public Health Facebook Page and the Wabasha County Website for updates.  

Can I get a vaccine?

If are you looking for a COVID-19 Vaccine, call Wabasha Public Health at 651-565-5200.  You can also visit the Minnesota Department of Health website to find a vaccination clinic near you.

Get your Shot. Get $100! Eligibility begins July 30. 

Should I wear a mask again? The MDH and CDC recommend everyone, both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated, wear a mask in the following situations: 

  • Public indoor settings in areas with substantial or high transmission 
  • Areas at high risk of COVID-19 spread or complications from COVID-19 infection, such as: 
  • Schools 
  • Health care settings 
  • Homeless shelters 
  • Correctional facilities 
  • If you are immunocompromised or at increased risk for severe disease from COVID-19 including: 
  • Older adults 
  • Those with certain medical conditions such as diabetes, overweight or obesity, and heart conditions. Immunocompromised people, even if fully vaccinated, should talk to their health care providers for other specific recommendations. 
  • If you live or frequently interact with someone who is immunocompromised, not fully vaccinated, or at an increased risk for severe disease from COVID-19 
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Afternoon Update at 3:30PM April 27, 2020

By way of update after discussing Governor Walz executive orders from last Thursday April 23, 2020 The City of Wabasha will continue to follow the Stay at Home Order issued by Governor Walz and make weekly assessments on when and what to re-open. All City Buildings continue to remain closed to the public until further notice. All meetings will continue to be held virtually either via conference call or Zoom, the mode of delivery will be on the agendas as they are published.

This decision is made to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

City staff recognize the impact this may have on residents and encourage correspondence via email and calling city hall and leaving a message. Your calls and emails will be answered in a timely manner.

We care about our residents and City Staff is here to help answer questions and support you during this time.

Phone Numbers
City Hall: 1-651-565-4568
City Public Works: 1-651-565-3404
Non-Emergency Police: 1-651-565-3361

Main City Hall Email Contact –
Finance Director
Deputy Clerk
Public Works/Waste Water

Planning/Zoning –

Building Permit & Zoning please email or call 1-651-560-4861. Building Permits will still be processed, please be patient as these will be dealt with as timely as possible.

As previously stated, the following actions are still in place.

1. Effective for the March utility billing (received in April) and April utility billing (received in May) the City of Wabasha will not be charging late fees for late payment. The City will review this after the April billing to possibly extend this period.

2. No Utility Disruption – as stated before we have suspended all utility shutoffs (sewer and water) for users within the City of Wabasha. This does not mean you do not have to pay your bill. Bills will continue to go out. If you know this will be an issue, please be proactive and reach out to the city to make us aware. As mentioned earlier please utilize the city drop boxes by the Post Office and City Hall when making payments or better yet utilize the on-line bill pay on our website. Direct payment plans are another option to consider and can be set up too, please contact City Hall for enrollment.

3. Code Red – If you have not signed up for Code Red here is a link to sign up while we have not used this for the COVID-19 outbreak yet there may come a time that we do.

4. As previously stated we have suspended any solicitor (peddler) permits that have been issued and will deny any further permits until the State of Emergency has lapsed. If you encounter any door to door salesmen or otherwise please contact the non-emergency police number at 651-565-3361.

5. All buildings in public parks will remain locked and winterized until the State of Emergency is over. Currently Beach Park is the only open park and it will be cleaned twice a day. We will be following the guidance and recommendations from the CDC website

6. As previously stated Liquor License paperwork and state information has been sent out. Businesses are still required to complete them in a timely manner to keep them current as in past practices. We will be deferring the actual fee related to these licenses until October 1, 2020. Letters have been mailed out to all applicable businesses regarding this. All Temporary Liquor Licenses are being denied due to Minnesota Executive Order 20-20.

Please continue to watch over your neighbors and friends during this time and do what you can to help.

Chad Springer, City Administrator
Wendy Busch, City Clerk

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Message from Mayor Durand

Greetings Wabasha neighbors,

In what has seemed a blur of daily updates, more than a month has passed since life as we knew it collectively has been disrupted, suspended, or altered in some fashion by a public health crisis that seemed unimaginable until now. Some of us find ourselves unemployed or underemployed, while others are working more than ever. Some have closed their businesses, while others have repurposed or realigned key resources in response. Some of us are content to stay safe at home for the greater good. For others, it is not so easy. Either way, it’s safe to say we’ve never valued each other more. We all miss terribly the collegiality of our customers, clients, coworkers, employees and employers. We respect and appreciate the services and commitment of our businesses. And we long for the everyday intimacy and support of our extended families and friends.

Still fully functioning, your local government, public works, police, firefighters, and EMS have also made important changes to adapt to current conditions and plan and prepare for future demands. City Council has effectively moved to a public virtual meeting supported by teleconference. Members of the public may dial in or view the audio broadcast to local television as usual. The conference call number can be found in Council’s agenda packet posted to the City’s webpage: (see “City Government”). We will, with the leadership of our administrator and department heads, begin revisiting what the City’s priorities should be in these unprecedented times. A flexible approach to solving problems as effective mitigation and containment strategies become better understood will ensure we learn, share, collaborate and compare best practices with other communities. We will collaborate to ensure the financial implications on local governmental units are planned for and managed with great consideration.

One critical source of information and influence are our state and federal representatives. They have been in touch frequently. In the past several weeks I have been privileged to participate in several virtual round tables with our representatives from the US Senate and Congress. And today, the League of Minnesota Cities engaged local government staff and elected officials from around the state in an interactive webinar with Governor Walz. It was clear in this morning’s discussion that our leaders are seeking our feedback, hearing it, and acting as rapidly as possible on the collective concerns we all have for the safety of our citizens, the resilience of our communities, and the recovery of our local economies.

At this very early timepoint in the state’s response, we can in no way draw definitive conclusions about how this global pandemic will impact our beloved piece of the planet or practically bear on our daily lives in the coming months and years. But we should be prepared for change. And to allow that we come through that change a better society, we can remain confident that the strong community bonds that exist in Wabasha and the greater region and State of Minnesota will be there, stronger than ever, as we move forward together.

I welcome your contact at

With support and affection in these uncertain times,

Emily Durand, Mayor
City of Wabasha

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Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and Minnesota Retailers Association offers guidelines and critical next steps

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce provides the following guidelines and suggestions to assist other Minnesota businesses in their efforts to provide safe workplaces for their employees and customers. The link below highlights the suggested best practices when returning to work.

You can also visit the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce website for more information at

The Minnesota Retailers Association released the critical next steps plan for Minnesota’s Retailers & Consumers. It is broken up into 3 phases covering the immediate and long term plans in this link

To see this plan and other helpful information you can also visit their website at

Thank you Representative Barb Haley for sharing this valuable information with our community!

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USDA and its Federal Partners have programs for assistance

USDA COVID-19 Fed Rural Resource Guide

This useful COVID-19 Federal Rural Resource Guide from the USDA is geared toward serving the needs for rural residents, businesses and communities by offering programs that can be used to provide immediate and long-term assistance to rural communities affected by this COVID-19 outbreak. These programs can support the recovery efforts through technical, training and management assistance; financial assistance and state/local assistance.  You can also visit the USDA website at to keep up to date on the latest information and updates.

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Wabasha Public Library Announcement

Wabasha Public Library will offer curbside pickup service of requested library materials beginning the week of April 13th. Curbside pickup will be available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Requests may be placed online at  under “Online Catalog Search” or by calling 651-565-3927. Please have your library card number ready when placing requests.  If you are in need of a new library card, please call the library.  Library staff will fill requests, notify patrons, place the library materials in bags marked with the individual’s name and place them outside for pickup.  No one will be allowed to enter the building.  If anyone in the household is sick, please do not request items during this time.  All returned items need to be placed in the outside drop box located in the alley.  Please call the library 651-565-3927 with questions, leave a message if staff is unavailable or email

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City of Wabasha Port Authority Emergency Loan Program in Response to COVID-19

At a special meeting of the Wabasha Port Authority on Monday, March 23rd, the Port Authority approved an emergency loan program for Wabasha-Kellogg area businesses affected by COVID-19.  The loan program was passed unanimously by all members.  Effective today March 24, 2020, Wabasha Port Authority is announcing its Emergency Loan Program as a response to the economic impact to the Wabasha/Kellogg businesses surrounding COVID-19.  Businesses in the Wabasha-Kellogg area are eligible for this loan program.  The completed application, personal financial statement and supporting documents will be accepted through 4pm on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.  They can be sent via mail (must be postmarked by Monday, March 30th) and sent to:  City Hall, 900 Hiawatha Drive E, PO Box 268, Wabasha, MN 55981.  Documents can also be emailed to or dropped in one of our two drop box locations (corner of the post office or at city hall).  These loans are subject to rules and regulations included on the application.  The first round of applications will be reviewed starting Wednesday, April 1st.

Although funding is limited, the goal of this program is to provide financial relief to as many businesses in the Wabasha/Kellogg area as possible.

Please contact Chad Springer at 651-565-4568 with any questions.

Wabasha Port Authority Emergency Loan Application

Personal Financial Statement

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