City Council meetings are the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6PM at City Hall.  Please check the Community Calendar on our home page for any possible changes.

As established in the City Charter, the Wabasha City Council is composed of a mayor and six council members. The mayor is elected at large and two council members are elected from each of three wards. The mayor and council members serve for an office of four years, with one council member from each ward being elected every two years.

The City Council is the legislative body for the City of Wabasha and therefore exercises the legislative power of the city. The mayor is the presiding officer of the council and has a vote as a member of the City Council. In addition, the council chooses from it’s members a council president, which serves as presiding officer in the mayor’s absence.

Council minutes will not be posted on the website until they are approved by the City Council.

Emily Durand

230 Main Street East
Wabasha, MN  55981
(651) 560-4653

Council Member – 1st Ward
John Friedmeyer
518 Main Street West
Wabasha, MN  55981
(651) 564-0323

Council Member – 1st Ward
Dean Meurer

218 Main Street W
Wabasha, MN  55981
(651) 560-0273

Council Member – 2nd Ward
Timothy Wallerich, Council President

618 10th Street East
Wabasha, MN  55981
(507) 358-8598

Council Member – 2nd Ward
Brian Wodele
1036 Milligan Ave
Wabasha, MN  55981
(651) 564-0530

Council Member – 3rd Ward
Jeff Sulla
4 Buena Vista Drive
Wabasha, MN  55981
(651) 448-1143

Council Member  – 3rd Ward
 Eugene Jensen
508 Campbell Ave
Wabasha, MN  55981
(651) 564-1590