As property listings are an ever changing commodity we offer the following contact points in an effort to secure the information necessary to locate in our community.


What is MNPRO – MNPRO is a web based application that assists site selectors scouting new business locations want lots of information about potential facilities, communities, and critical infrastructure. And they want it quickly.  MNPRO gives communities throughout the state the opportunity to provide information about available commercial and industrial sites as well as offer detailed community profiles.

Why Use MNPRO – Company executives and site selectors frequently turn to web-based tools and databases to do initial research. MNPRO provides the timely and relevant data that companies need most when making business expansion decisions.  Because MPRO allows communities throughout Minnesota to easily create and update community profiles and property listings anytime, the information is always fresh. And communities can even more value by offering links to their own websites from MNPRO. Best of all, there is no charge. Communities many list profiles and properties for free. Company executives, site selectors and others may search for free.

Local – Contact information concerning property data

City of Wabasha – Planning and Development Department

  • Phone: 651.565.4568
  • Email:

Wabasha County On-line Property Records Database