The Wabasha Police Department is a community orientated police agency which aims its primary focus on the safety of its citizens, neighborhoods, and roads. The Wabasha Police Department is staffed by five full time Police Officers and an administrative assistant under the direction of Police Chief Joe Stark. The Police Department has a Police Reserve unit dedicated to helping the communities and the officers.

The Department is active in many programs including Safe and Sober, Towards Zero Deaths, Operation ID, Community Watch (Includes house checks), and Bike Safety. In addition, the department works collaboratively with City, County, State Agencies and community organizations to maximize resources and security while heightening citizen engagement in safety and crime-related issues.

Non-emergency Police Contact Number: (651) 565-3361

Police Department Staff:

Joe Stark, Police Chief

Heidi Johnson, Police Coordinator

Randy Wagoner, Police Sergeant

Dan Metcalf, Investigator

Rob Venz, Patrol Officer/School Liaison Officer

Hoss Roemer, Patrol Officer

Ken Jacobs, Patrol Officer

Chad Meurer, Patrol Officer

Police Reserves:

  • Reserve Officer Harry Lager
  • Reserve Officer Al Nelson
Crime Stoppers