There is a strong demand for housing in the City of Wabasha. From 2000-2004, over 130 new housing units had been constructed. That’s an average of 27 units per year. The variety of housing is something on which the City of Wabasha also places a high priority. The 2005 City Comprehensive Plan has a goal of developing and maintaining “a balanced residential housing stock within the City that provides life-cycle housing opportunities and a range of housing options in terms of cost, location, style and affordability.” New market value and affordable single-family housing subdivisions, new luxury condominiums and financial assistance for pre-existing income qualified homeowners and renters are all programs which have assisted in the community in meeting that goal.

Development Name Type of Housing Number of Units First Year of Construction
Eagles Landing Luxury Condominiums 27 Units 2005
Eagle Basin 1st Addition Affordable single-family mixed use 54 lots/5 lots (10 units) 2005
Kreyes 3rd Addition Market rate single-family mixed use 13 lots/18 Units 2004
Country Sunshine Est. One half acre single-family detached housing 7 lots 2004
Danckwart Sub. Market Rate single-family detached housing 5 lots 2003
Kreyes 2nd Add. Market rate single-family mixed use (5 det., 6 att.) 6 lots/8 units 2002
Miller Townhouses Single-family attached townhouses 6 units 2001


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HUD Environmental Review – Wabasha Riverfront Revitalization Project (National Eagle Center)

August 8th, 2022|Comments Off on HUD Environmental Review – Wabasha Riverfront Revitalization Project (National Eagle Center)

Project Description: City of Wabasha Riverfront Revitalization Project Grant Amount: $138,434.00 Grant Number: B-22-CP-MN-0498 Organizations Authorized Representative: Name: Caroline Gregerson Title: City Administrator Phone number: 651-560-4860/ 651-412-5553 Email address: Project [...]