The Wabasha Public Library will be closed starting Tuesday March 17th through March 30th, the status will be revisited by the Library Board at that time.

Expect another update from the City of Wabasha at 9AM Tuesday March 17th.

We are facing a great unknown in the up coming weeks with the fight against COVID-19. While we are not panicking, we are remaining vigilant about the current situation facing the world.  The city will continue to consult with local public health officials and the CDC in our response to the virus.  The City of Wabasha has implemented many procedural changes to ensure the safety of all of our staff in the workplace and is taking the advice of local public health officials as well as information from the Center for Disease Control.  While these steps are in place to help protect our employees and their families we have also implemented practices to protect and ensure our staff and emergency personnel are there for the public.  These steps are:

  1. As of this weekend ambulance staff will wear protective equipment when answering any calls that show the slightest symptoms of the COVID -19 virus.  Procedures are in place for the correct handling of this equipment and decontamination after the call.
  2. Our police staff will not be responding to non-emergent medical calls to ensure less contact with possible cases.
  3. In cases were assistance is needed for our ambulance service the Wabasha Fire Department will assist and has the same protective gear to help protect them against the transfer of germs.
  4. Our Emergency Services Staff continues to prepare contingency plans for the future and this will be an on-going process as this situation evolves.
  5. Effective immediately any water service that has been shut off will be turned back on and the city will discontinue shutting off water service due to delinquent bills until a time to be determined.

City Staff and Elected Officials will continue to monitor the information that is available to us and will make decisions and share information as it is available.  Thanks in advance for your understanding during these unprecedented times.  Please stay aware of your surroundings and do what you can to check up on others and follow the guidance that is being shared from the CDC and Public Health Officials.

Chad Springer, City Administrator