Good Afternoon,

We have shared many updates over the past week and reminders that are very important.  We ask that if you have not seen them all, to take the time to scroll through this announcement section of our website as well as the  City of Wabasha Facebook page City of Wabasha, MN

This may sound like a broken record but we are continuing to practice the guidelines sent by the CDC as well as the State and Local health officials.  There is not any new significant information to share on this front.  However, I wanted to share a few operational updates for today:

Liquor License –paperwork and state information will be going out from the city shortly. Businesses are still required to complete them in a timely manner to keep them current as in past practices. We will be deferring the actual fee related to these licenses until October 1, 2020.  Letters will be mailed out to all applicable businesses regarding this.

The city is continuing to look at ways to assist people and businesses through this unprecedented time and hopefully we will have some information to share early next week on some programs we are working on.

No Utility Disruption – as stated before we have suspended all utility shutoffs (sewer and water) for users within the City of Wabasha.  This does not mean you do not have to pay your bill.  Bills will continue to go out and collection letters will continue to be sent and we expect timely payment. However, if you are unable to make a payment or the payment is late, normal late fees will accrue.  If you know this will be an issue, please be proactive and reach out to the city to make us aware.  As mentioned earlier please utilize the city drop boxes by the Post Office and City Hall when making payments or better yet utilize the on-line bill pay on our website.  Direct payment plans are another option to consider and can be set up too, please contact City Hall for enrollment.

Code Red – If you have not signed up for Code Red here is a link to sign up while we have not used this for the COVID-19 outbreak yet there may come a time that we do.

City Council has been very active along with Mayor Durand to be proactive in our responses as quickly as we can be, and for that we would like to thank all of them.  In addition to dealing with changes in their homes and lives they have routinely checked in on staff and citizens throughout the city.  Please watch over your neighbors and friends during this time and do what you can to help, this too shall pass and hopefully sooner rather than later!  Stay healthy and enjoy the weekend, thanks.

Chad Springer, City Administrator

Wendy Busch, City Clerk