Recently postcards were sent to all properties and property owners in the city requesting a self-inspection by completing an online survey from Bolton & Menk.  This is a valid request and not a scam.  If you received a postcard but don’t have city water service (i.e., your water is provided through a private well), you may ignore the request.  The City of Wabasha is required by the MN Department of Health to complete an inventory of water service pipe material in the city.

We understand that there have been some issues accessing the survey website. This is due to high traffic on the website, and we are currently working to correct the issue. If you have been unable to access the website, please try again later.

If you are unable to complete the self-inspection and survey, please call the number on the postcard and leave a message stating that you would prefer to schedule an inspection appointment. The city’s engineering firm, Bolton & Menk, will be in town starting Thursday, July 11th, to conduct home inspections. If you leave a message requesting an appointment, they will do their best to call and schedule an appointment with you for the inspection.

For homes that do not request an appointment and have not completed the online survey, Bolton & Menk field staff will be door-knocking to request that you allow them to enter your home to inspect your water service. They will be wearing safety vests with Bolton & Menk printed on the back. You are not required to grant them access to complete the inspection. If you prefer, you may request they assist you in completing the online survey instead. We apologize in advance if you have already completed the survey and they still knock on your door, as field staff may not have up-to-date information on surveys already completed.