Touch a Truck Event

Matt Wobbe shows Kaydenn Johnson plow truck.

On Monday, May 22nd, public works employees and the City of Wabasha partnered up with Wabasha-Kellogg Community Education to host a touch a truck event. Children and families were able to learn about the role of public works in their city- from street sweeping, cleaning out sewer systems, to fixing roads. Children got an up and close view of how the vehicles work and operate  and how they serve a purpose in the city everyone lives in. It was the first event where public works employees were able to host such a community event and educate the community. Organizers hope it wont be the last event.

” It was a great day for the event and I thought it went really well- it worked really well to partner up with our schools,” said Tony Johnson, Public Works Director.

Pat Mueller, the Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor, indicated that the kids really enjoyed seeing how the robot worked that can identify issues in the sewer system.

“I knew it was a great event, when hearing a dad walking out of the event saying, ‘I never know that how we cleaned our sewer systems- pretty cool!'” said Caroline Gregerson, City Administrator.

Jetter Vacuum Truck Demonstration Pat Mueller