We finally have the final plan layout for the 2019 Wabasha Splash Pad coming to our city pool in the very near future!!  We are in the process of providing Vortex with the deposit so we can move forward this spring.  The plan is to have the splash pad installed and ready to go for the opening season of the pool.  HOWEVER, manufacturing, weather, shipping, and other natural set-backs can occur just like any other project.  The installation is said to last roughly 2 weeks depending on weather.  The City of Wabasha will be covering the last of the funding details with manpower and material to complete the project.  If you see anyone of the generous donors that are on the provided funding list, also City Council members, and Park Board members, please give them a huge THANK YOU for helping bring this attraction to our Wabasha pool!

City of Wabasha Public Works

Splash Pad Design

The City would like to thank all those that have donated funds to make this possible:

City of Wabasha Splash Pad budget projection January 18th, 2019 Estimated Cost $100,000

Doffing Fund Grant 2017 $20,000.00
Wabasha Kellogg Community Foundation 2017 $2,000.00
Wabasha Pool Concession stand 2017 $8,000.00
City of Wabasha CIP 2017 $10,000.00
SE Community foundation grant 2017 $2,000.00
Wabasha Ready Mix concrete/rebar 2017 $3,000.00
Wabasha Pool taco fundraiser 2017 $9,000.00

Doffing fund grant 2018 $10,000.00
Wabasha Pool Concession stand funds 2018 $6,365.00
Wabasha VFW donation 2018 $13,250.00
Rowing club donation 2018 $1,875.00
Miscellaneous donations 2018 $3,491.00
Total Funds Received $88,981.00