It is officially snow season! Due to staff shortages, we ask residents to please be patient with us as we train our new employees during these first few snowfall events.  Here are 3 important tips!

  1. NO PARKING ON STREETS/ALLEYS.  In the event of 3 or more inches of snowfall, no parking on streets or alleys until they are plowed full width. Alternate parking for the downtown areas is located under the bridge on Main Street & Second Street West and across from the Public Library.
  1. CODE RED.  City of Wabasha utilizes a program called CODE RED which lets us notify the public of snow emergencies, severe weather events, water main breaks, and many other unnatural issues that may arise. Residents can enroll in this notification system to receive calls, texts, or emails to receive important city-wide updates.  Enroll now in CODE RED
  1. GIVE SPACE.  Give our snow plow truck operators enough space to move around with our equipment. The safer it is for us to operate around town, the safer we can make the roads for you. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation!