Own an Airbnb, VRBO, or short term rental in the City of Wabasha? We now have a new rental registration requirement! That means anyone renting a home or apartment or any dwelling unit for less than 30 days must register their short term rental!

On December 6, 2022, the City of Wabasha formally adopted regulations for owners of dwelling units used for short-term rentals to be registered with the City prior to operation.  The City has been proactively identifying these properties for the last year.  Beginning in early March, registration notices were mailed out to property owners.  This registration is a ONE-TIME event and a fee of $200.00 is required for each dwelling unit being rented.  Once the property is registered, it cannot be transferred from one property owner to the next.  If the property is sold, the new property owners must re-register.

To register your short term rental, click here to download the form.

So, what is a Short-Term Rental, and does it apply to me?  A Short-Term Rental is a dwelling unit that is rented for a period of less than 30 consecutive days, for tourist or transient use. Per the Ordinance in Chapter 32, Lodging Tax is a separate local tax.  Property owners must report and submit 3% of the lodging charges to the City of Wabasha. Once registered, property owners can choose to submit monthly or quarterly.

What does the city do with the Lodging Tax that gets collected?  The Wabasha/Kellogg Convention and Visitors Bureau receives 95% which is used for marketing and promoting the Wabasha/Kellogg area as a tourist destination and the City of Wabasha retains 5% for administration as allowed by Minnesota Statues 469.190

If you have additional questions, City Hall staff can be reached at 651-565-4568.

Short Term Rental Registration Form