Wabasha Public Works Department

Pat Mueller, Steve Henthorn, Zach McNallan, Brandon Huth, Matt Wobbe, Riley Costello, Tony Johnson

The City of Wabasha is recognizing the diverse and talented people who make up its Public Works Department for National Public Works Week, May 19-25, 2024. It’s one of the largest departments within the City of Wabasha, encompassing a wide swath of everyday life.

There are seven full-time dedicated Public Works employees in Wabasha: Tony Johnson, Pat Mueller, Riley Costello, Matt Wobbe, Brandon Huth, Steve Henthorn, and Zach McNallan. They are charged with maintaining 28 miles of streets and everything underneath the streets-the water, sewer, stormwater system, 5 miles of sidewalks, and bike paths. Every summer they mow and trim 56 acres of 24 parks and open and maintain the swimming pool. They also manage 50 campsites, 40 boat slips, and this year, they have been tackling the planting of over 100 trees. Finally, Public Works also processes 250,000 gallons of wastewater, delivering 300,000 gallons of fresh water to people’s homes from three wells.

“To do a variety of tasks, it takes each person bringing their skills to the table; we each have a talent.” said Riley, Assistant Public Works Director and Emergency Management Director, of his team. “Zach brings expertise in pavement and construction, Brandon with his education and expertise in horticulture, Matt being a true arborist with years of experience tied along with his fabrication skills, and Steve with his mechanical abilities. Pat and Tony have been with the city for numerous years. They have a wealth of knowledge, and they’re skilled in just about everything!”

Matt Wobbe, Zach McNallan, Brandon Huth (Public Works Technicians) with Davis and Hayes Graner – plow truck

Riley Costello

Assistant Public Works Director/Emergency Management Director

Tony Johnson, Public Works Director, echoes that sentiment, “We’ve got a great team of guys, and it’s something we are really proud of here at the City of Wabasha.”

Steve Henthorn is from Millville and joined the Water/Wastewater Department a year ago. He brought a skillset in small engine mechanicals and recalls how those skills came in handy during major spring flooding last year. “We got a pump dropped off during the flood to help keep all of the excess water out of the plant. It didn’t run right at first and wasn’t starting, but I was able to get that going and running 24 hours a day during the flood.”

Pat Mueller and Steve Henthorn from our Water / Wastewater provide demonstration to Wesley Koch on the robot for viewing our sewer system underground

Public Works Director Tony Johnson with Davis and Hayes Graner with grader

Public Works Director

Brandon and Zach are the Public Works Department’s newest employees. Brandon was born and raised in Wabasha and used to help the department when he was in high school. This got him interested in working full-time for the department. He joined the department one and half years ago.

Brandon said “I really enjoy learning something new every day and being outdoors.” When asked what he enjoys the most about his job. Brandon explained the biggest learning experience has been the snow plowing, where he was assigned the biggest truck and one of the hardest routes.

Zach McNallan is the Public Works Department’s newest employee and just joined a year ago. “It’s different every day, and I really enjoy seeing the work every day. Even when you are off work and out in the community, you can see the progress that we are making in public works,” he said about living and working in the same community.

From the moment we wake up and take a shower to commuting to work on the roads as well as in the evenings going for a walk or enjoying time at a park, the Wabasha Public Works Department impacts the lives of Wabasha residents. In recognition of National Public Works week, please thank our Public Works team members for keeping Wabasha safe and beautiful.

Brandon Huth front loader snow blower

Zach McNallan