Kellogg Wabasha Trail Connection Determined to be Feasible

The City of Wabasha, the City of Kellogg, Wabasha County, Wabasha Driftskippers Snowmobile Club, and Greenfield Township all came together to plan for a future bridge and trail link connecting the two communities. Using grant funds from Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF), Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP), Laura Jane Musser Fund, they were able to complete a feasibility study that maps out a plan and budget for a bridge over the Zumbro River and multi-use trail connecting the two communities. The trail would be for pedestrians, bicyclists, ATV, and snowmobiles.
The feasibility study found that the proposed trail corridor would improve safety and connectivity between Kellogg and Wabasha. It would also create a critical link for students from Kellogg and Greenfield Township to walk and bike to the schools. It would bring snowmobilers, ATVers, and bicyclists off Highway 61 and improve safety. It also would enhance the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) corridor through this segment of southeastern Minnesota. The study also identified a preferred route, indicated as “Trail Segment A- Option 2” in the map, and found that the reusing the old railroad bridge piers was feasible.

” As a snowmobiler who has to go on Highway 61, I am so excited about this project and what it could do for this community, said Norm “Skip” Larson who is the President of the Driftskipper’s Club.

Another active member in the group is Susie McNallan, who is an active ATVer and Council Member for the City of Kellogg. “I haven’t talked to anyone who isn’t excited about this project, just because the current routes available for ATVers and snowmobilers are just not safe,” McNallan stated at a recent trail meeting.

Craig Falkum is a Wabasha resident, former Wabasha Council Member, bicyclist and indicated that this is a long-held priority for the communities at the last meeting. “We’ve been talking about this a long time, so it’s great to see this project moving ahead,” said Falkum.

The feasibility study also indicated there would be a hefty price tag to complete the entire project- about $5 million. However, the group is hoping to break the project into phases and focus on the bridge connection first, estimated at $1.2 million. The group is now determining if there could be ways to find cost savings on the bridge by reusing a bridge from another community and is looking into applying for grants to support the project. They also plan to form a joint powers agreement amongst the communities to be able to make decisions regarding the project.

” The project has a lot of good momentum and I am glad to have the County lending a hand towards supporting the project,” said Michael Plante, Wabasha County Administrator.

The Study is available here and on SHIP’s website. 

Map of Trail

Map of Trail

Skip Larson near Zumbro River Rest Area