The Mississippi River at pool 4 crested on Monday 07/01/2024 at 15.18FT. The good news is that even with the upcoming rain over this week and next, we are not expecting the water to raise. The forecast pictured below shows us coming down to 11.90FT (12.90FT Current) this Sunday, July 14th @ 1:00AM. This will put us out of the minor flood stage. The extended forecast pictured below shows us returning to normal river levels from 7.5′ – 8.5′ by the end of July.

If your home has been affected due to the flood, please reach out to me by email or call 1(651)560-4052. The county has some cleanup kits available to those effected.

Public Works & Emergency Management will make every effort to get streets, parks, and our campgrounds opened back up but please be patient. The recovery from the flood will take time. Damage needs to documented and safety hazards need to be removed before we open anything back up.