If your home was flooded by the Mississippi River flooding, city residents can contact Riley Costello, Emergency Management Director at 651-560-4052 or email: pwasst@wabasha.org

If you live in Wabasha County and are not in city limits, please contact Brenda Tomlinson at Wabasha County Emergency Management at 651-565-3069 or email: btomlinson@co.wabasha.mn.us

We will ask for your address and whether or not you have flood insurance. You will also be asked for a rough estimate on how much it would cost to get your home back to its prior condition.  These questions are for our information, it is not a guarantee that you will receive individual assistance beyond flood clean up kits and volunteers to help out.

Free flood clean up kits are available.  If you need assistance with cleaning up your home to be sure no mold grows, pulling out flooring, etc., there are volunteer agencies that can help.

The City is in the process of helping Wabasha County provide a total estimated damage that the flood has caused to the State of Minnesota and FEMA. Thank you in advance for your help. Please share this information!