The City of Wabasha has been overwhelmed with an influx of brush from neighboring communities and out of town residents. This will NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED! We cannot keep up with the removal of the brush pile after the company that used to do it basically for free will no longer provide this service. The city brush dump is for City of Wabasha residents ONLY. If you are not a Wabasha resident within our city limits, please contact your local government offices to inquire on where to properly dispose of your brush and other materials. Please share this information with your neighbors, friends, and anyone who is illegally dumping. It is video monitored and illegal dumping will be ticketed by the Wabasha Police Department. If conditions persist, the brush dump gate will be locked and only open during normal business hours, as it was in the past. We are not the place to dump off your rocks, brick, gravel, or any other objects or material. Tickets will also be issued for this illegal dumping. If anyone needs to report illegal dumping, contact the Public Works shop at 651-565-3404, or email at with license plate number and pictures if possible. Thank you, Public Works Department