Pool Splash Pad Fundraiser Now Underway

 The City of Wabasha is excited to announce the beginning of our City Pool Splashpad project!  City staff has gathered some designs and initial pricing, and are soliciting donations to help cover the cost of the Splashpad materials and installation.  If our fundraising efforts come through by May, we could possibly see the project beginning this year!  If not, we will plan for construction next spring.  We have received a great deal of donations already and are looking for more.  Our goal is to make this project 90% donation funded, with the City covering the rest.  Contact City hall if you would like to make a contribution towards this project.  Let’s make our city pool even better than it already is and offer our younger crowd a fantastic place to begin water sports!  Since the pricing came back very close for both options, we are pushing to construct the 1,200 square foot model, and expand towards the existing parking lot/green space area.  Once the funding is in place, city staff, the Wabasha Park Board and others will begin picking out the exact colors, and types of fixtures to be installed.  At this time we would like to thank those that have already made donations!