January 9, 2024, is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.). The City of Wabasha recognizes the difficult situations, hard work, and sacrifices that law enforcement personnel face each day. That’s why we encourage citizens to take a moment on January 9th to show their support for our local law enforcement officers. We are grateful for the positive impacts law enforcement has within our community.

This year, the City of Wabasha Police Department, officers were asked to put in many extra hours due to being short staffed. Despite this, they finished the year with 4,892 calls for service which is 712 more calls than last year.

” I’d like to recognize the work of our Officers this year being shorthanded for almost half of the year and their willingness to be flexible with their time and to put in all the extra shifts necessary to get us through a busy year,” said Chief Joe Stark of his officers.

The City of Wabasha is proud of its officers and staff who keep the city safe all day, every day. If you see a police officer, be sure to thank the officer!