Wabasha Port Authority $2500 Child Care Grant Program

Launched May 2022

Objective: Create and retain child care capacity within a 5-mile radius of the City of Wabasha, over a period of 1- 3 years.

Sources of funds: City of Wabasha $15,000 Federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

Purpose: The purpose of the Wabasha Port Authority Child Care Grant Program is to provide an incentive to newly and existing licensed child care providers to provide child care services in and around the City of Wabasha.

The program provides grants towards actual expenses relating to the cost of operating, opening, or expanding a child care business in the City of Wabasha, up to $2,500 per child care provider. Qualifying expenses must be approved by the Wabasha Port Authority. Approved requests will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis until all funds are expended.


  1. Both new and existing licensed child care providers are eligible for the grant program.
  2. Providers must run their business within the City of Wabasha or within a 5-mile radius of Wabasha within the State of Minnesota.
  3. Providers must include proof that they have been in contact with the Wabasha County Licensing Agency by providing a copy of the letter of recommendation from the licensor, or a copy of their State or County license.
  4. Providers must be licensed for infants and providing services to infants. 
  5. Providers must have a one hour (no cost) consultation with First Children’s Finance related to best business practices
  6. Qualifying Requests: Funds may be requested for the following eligible project expenses  Training and Licensing Costs  Fixed Machinery and Equipment  Building Purchase, Construction and Renovation  Leasehold Improvements  Create Additional Employment  Operational Costs  Other Via Board Discretion
  7. Items purchased prior to Port Authority grant application approval will typically not be eligible for funding unless the Wabasha Port Authority finds there was a significant underlying reason for the purchase to occur prior to approval (i.e. licensing fee, background check fee, and the like).

Program Guidelines

Program management and authority for grant approval is delegated to the Wabasha Port Authority (WPA). The WPA will review grant applications and may approve grant awards after considering the following guidelines:

  1. Completed applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis.
  2. The proposed expense receipts must be submitted within six months of the grant award date. If the receipts are not submitted within six months, the Applicant must resubmit a grant application for reconsideration.

Grant Disbursement

Following grant approval, awarded grant funds will be disbursed to the child care provider upon submittal of receipts or invoices for qualifying items purchased.

Application Timeline and Approval Process The timeline and approval process for the Childcare Grant Program may vary, but will generally take 1-2 months.

The timeline and approval process is as follows: 

  1. Meet and discuss the proposed project with Wabasha Port Authority Staff (optional)
  2. Complete and submit the grant application and all supporting documents (Each application will be reviewed and approved by the Wabasha Port Authority if the application is received at least one week prior to the board meeting. Which is the held the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm) 
  3. Contact: Cathy Enerson: Cathy.enerson@cedausa.com 

To apply click here:

Child Care Grant Application WORD

Child Care Grant Application PDF

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