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Feeling Better Every Day!

Our Mission Statement is…
To encourage wellness of mind, body and spirit among Wabasha/Kellogg residents of all ages.

Wabasha is proclaimed Minnesota’s first
‘Governor’s Fit City’

Wabasha has made an exemplary commitment to encourage physical activity among residents.

Governor Tim Pawlenty and Commissioner of Health Dianne Mandernach today announced that Wabasha has been designated the first “Governor’s Fit City” in Minnesota. This means the city has made a commitment to support and encourage its residents to be more physically active and to improve the overall health of the community.

A Minnesota city making this commitment is providing physical activity opportunities for people who live, work and play within the city. These opportunities allow people to make the choice to be more physically active.

Wabasha Bicycle Club


“We commend the leaders of Wabasha for the exemplary commitment they’ve made to promote activity in their city,” Gov. Pawlenty said. “Their ongoing commitment will help keep Wabasha’s citizens physically healthy and fit for years to come.”

Wabasha achieved its designation by completing an application with the Minnesota Department of Health. The application asks cities to indicate their commitment to promoting physical activity, according to several criteria. Those criteria include whether a city has adopted a value statement affirming the importance of fitness; whether a city has created inviting places to walk; whether a city has sponsored at least one fitness activity; and whether a city has developed recreation areas that encourage fitness.

Wabasha has implemented a number of strategies for promoting physical activity, including:

  • Developing walking & biking paths in the community.
  • Sponsoring “Wabasha Walks the Mississippi,” an event in which more than 300 community participants formed teams and logged over 39,000 miles during the 8-week Grand Excursion wellness event.
  • Making the Wabasha Pool available for women’s water aerobics class every morning during the warm weather.
  • Publishing weekly health education columns are in local newspapers.
  • Conducting community health screenings (blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol)

Wabasha Rowing Club


“Physical activity improves nearly every aspect of a person’s health,” Mandernach said. “It also contributes to better overall health for the entire community—that’s why we encourage all cities to become Governor’s Fit Cities.”

Wabasha will receive a plaque from Governor Pawlenty and Commissioner Mandernach and may also choose to have “Governor’s Fit City” signs placed on roadways entering the city.

The “Governor’s Fit City” initiative is part of an overall push by Governor Pawlenty to encourage fitness.  Earlier, the Governor declared 2005 “The Year of Fitness” in Minnesota and created the “Governor’s Fitness Challenge”.

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