City accepting Proposals for Planning Services

Request for Proposals

Contract Planning and Zoning Services

Statement of Purpose

The City of Wabasha, Minnesota is requesting proposals from individuals or firms to provide planning and zoning services to the City on an ongoing contractual basis.  Detailed information concerning the City’s needs is outlined in the following Request for Proposal.  The City of Wabasha is interested in having a single contact for all the planning needs of the City.  The city expects this person/firm to have additional resources available to assist with larger more complex planning issues facing the city.

City Background Information

The City of Wabasha has a population of 2,800 residents and operates under a Charter form of government. The City Council is the legislative and policy making body of the City. The Council is made up of six Council members and the Mayor. The City Administrator is accountable to the City Council for the implementation of Council direction and the administration of all affairs of the City.  The City Council meets the first Tuesday of each month.

Scope of Services and General Duties

The individual or firm who will be contracted to perform planning and zoning services will be expected to guide the City’s planning and zoning efforts.  This includes but is not limited to the following:

Hold regular office hours (16-24 hours per week)

  • Write reports related to planning and zoning matters for consideration by Commissioners and Council
  • Review other prepared staff -reports for the Planning Commission Meetings and City Council meetings as necessary.
  • Attend monthly Planning Commission meetings
  • Prepare the Planning Commission meeting agendas.
  • Attend City Council meetings as requested.
  • Assist in the review of complicated more involved building permits in conjunction with the Zoning Technician.
  • Communicate with community residents who need assistance from the City in the areas of planning, zoning and land use.
  • Keep consistent office hours week to week.
  • Be the lead contact on conditional use permit applications and, lead the process through to completion.
  • Assist with the preparation (including any written notification) for public hearings to surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Review City Codes, ordinances and regulations related to planning and zoning and recommend needed changes to be consistent with State Statute taking into account public input as well as simplicity for public use and interpretation.
  • Create an on-going review schedule of the zoning ordinance and other related city codes
  • Draft / up-date new zoning ordinances as needed.
  • Work closely with City Staff as directed by City Administrator.
  • Experience generating and refreshing Comprehensive plans.  (The city of Wabasha expects work to happen in the near future on the existing Comp Plan).
  • Knowledge of mining and regulations surrounding mine use and expansion, including a working knowledge of silica sand mining operations.
  • Assist as needed in support of the Historic Preservation Committee for the city’s historic downtown district.
  • Knowledge and experience in planning concepts and ideas related to downtown development and revitalization, including incorporation of riverfront, green space, and potential development options.
  • Update and maintain zoning maps and GIS data as necessary.

This position will constitute a City/Consultant relationship.  The individual/firm selected for consultant position will not be considered a City employee and therefore will not be eligible for benefits.  The City plans to utilize the services of the consultant on a flat rate, hourly basis not to exceed 24 hours per week at the discretion of the City Administrator in conjunction with Planning Commission leadership.

Proposal Form and Content

The proposal must, at a minimum, include the following:

Scope of Work Defined – The firm should present their understanding of the position and how they can complete the duties as described above.

Resumes – Identify person(s) with key responsibilities who will be assigned to work with the City.  If more than one person is to be assigned and identify the person who will have senior-level responsibility for this position.

Experience – Discuss demonstrated experience of the firm and the key personnel with projects and services of similar scope and magnitude as this position.

References – List of at least three references relating to planning consulting for local governments with comparable characteristics to the position proposed by the City of Wabasha.

Fees – Provide an hourly rate for all routine work.  Including 16 hours on-site weekly and attendance at the monthly Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting.

General Information

  • All proposals should be sent and all questions and correspondence should be directed to:

City of Wabasha, Minnesota

Attn: Chad Springer – City Administrator

[email protected]


  • Instructions for Responders- The individual/firm shall submit (4) four copies of the proposal.  The copies shall be sealed and clearly labeled with City Planning Consultant RFP” by the submittal deadline.
    • The proposal deadline is July 18, 2014.
    • The proposal shall be limited to a maximum of 10 pages
    • The City will review the proposals and may schedule interviews for finalists.
    • Questions regarding this position should be directed to Chad Springer, 651-565-4568.
    • No face-to-face meetings will occur prior to the submittal of the proposal.  Specific questions can be forwarded regarding the proposal and a response will be received in a timely manner.