2019 Street Improvement Project Newsletter

The City of Wabasha is planning a project for 2019 that will include mill and
overlay improvements along the following streets:
 10th Street West from Church Avenue to Hiawatha Drive West
 Arch Avenue from Hiawatha Drive to 7th Street West
 Alleghany Avenue from 8th Street West to Hiawatha Drive West
 8th Street West from Alleghany Avenue to Pembroke Avenue
 Franklin Avenue from Main Street to 2nd Street East
 Jefferson Avenue from 2nd Street East to 3rd Street East and from Market
Street East to 10th Street East
 12th Street East from Franklin Avenue to Broadway Avenue
 Market Street East from Milligan Avenue to Pierce Avenue
 Milligan Avenue from Market Street East to 9th Street East
 9th Street East from Broadway Avenue to Hiawatha Drive South
 Pierce Avenue from 8th Street East to 12th Street East
 Augustin Avenue from Rustic Lane to Rustic Lane
 Rustic Lane from Augustin Avenue to Angelique Street
 River Drive South from Angelique Avenue to City limits
The project will be very similar to the mill and overlay projects completed in
2014 and 2016 on the west side of town. Mill and overlay improvements
generally involve grinding up the top layer of asphalt and then placing a new
layer of asphalt. The project will also involve replacement of existing asphalt
curb, and localized spot repair of concrete curb.
As with the 2014 and 2016 projects, assessments will be levied against the
adjacent benefitting properties.
Upcoming Project Meetings
Following are two upcoming opportunities to learn more about the project
and provide input:
October 2, 2018 –Preliminary Engineering Report Presentation
 Regular City Council Meeting – 7pm at City Hall
October 30, 2018 – Neighborhood Informational Meeting #1
 A future newsletter will be sent with information on the time and
location of this meeting

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115905 Newsletter No. 1 08-27-18